The Dream

I have experienced many amazing dreams throughout my life and on occasions these dreams have been Lucid, interactive, prophetic and very memorable.
On the night of July 20th 2016 I experienced one of these lucid dreams.
I was in a beautiful cavernous room that had a glowing floor made with white and violet crystals. In front of me across the Crystal floor stood a figure wearing a dark brown or black Monk’s robe with the hood up so I could not see a face and as I was about to move forward this figure in a male voice asked me not to walk on the crystal floor.
I was then approached from my left side by a radiant female energy who introduced herself as Andrea. Andrea exuded Peace and Love and glowed with a luminous light that emanated from within her. She brought me along a path around the crystal floor to a round stone table which seemed to have been carved out of the floor. On the table there was a Triangular Pendant and within the triangle there were two human figures facing each other and where their foreheads connected there was a bright white light shining between them that symbolized their soul connection.
Andrea called it a Onesoul Pendant and said that it was a symbol of Love, Respect and acceptance of one another at our Soul level regardless of our Race, Religion, Skin Colour, Gender or Gender preferences.
Five days later on the morning of July 25th 2016 I was woken up by a voice saying the word “Namaste” to me, I immediately looked up the word and its meaning this is what I found.     
My Soul Honours your Soul
I honour the place in you where the entire Universe resides
I honour the light, love, truth, beauty and peace within you as it is also in me In sharing these thing’s we are united we are the same
We Are One.
I Decided to make the Onesoul Pendant, I hope I have done it Justice and that it resonates with
Love, Respect, Connection and Acceptance.