About Noel


I have always been interested in design and color and I especially love the designs and color that we find all around us in the natural world. I look forward to my walks in nature because they often provide me with the inspiration for new design ideas. 
In July 2016 I received a design idea through a lucid dream in which I was shown a triangular piece of jewellery that was inscribed with the name Onesoul. I often thought about making the jewelry from my dream and In 2018 I sketched the design and brought it to an amazing Goldsmith in Kerry who made the first prototype. The first time I held the finished piece in my hand I thought how amazing it was that I was now holding something that I had seen while I was dreaming. It was then that I decided to start sharing my Onesoul designs.       
I like to create pieces that are familiar but unique in their own way from my own design perspective. There have been challenges along the way in bringing designs from the sketch pad into something tangible but I have found this learning process to be very enjoyable and rewarding.     
At Onesoul we want to be a brand that helps to bring joy and beauty into people’s lives while celebrating our human connections and our connection to nature. We also want to make our own contribution to sustainability by respecting the Earth as the source of the materials we use in our creations so we have” joined the gang” and become a Wolfgang Reforester and we will make a monthly contribution from our sales to www.wolfgangreforest.ie 
Please check out my designs and I hope that you can find a piece that resonates with you that will make a meaningful gift for yourself, your family or friends.
Thank you
Noel Ryan