Our Design Story

Onesoul Jewelry has been created with the vision of combining the ancient Irish traditions of soulful design that celebrates our heart and Soul connections with the people that we love in harmony with the Spirit of Nature.
Our jewelry is about connections. Throughout our lifetime we experience many beautiful moments that we share with our Partners, families and our very special friends and we regard these bonds as sacred. We keep these people close to our Hearts by wearing a piece of jewelry that celebrates our precious lifetime memories. Nature serves as the backdrop for many of our wonderful shared experiences from beautiful golden sunset’s to night’s spent out beneath the stars and it reminds us that the earth is really at the center of our lives.     
The Earth also provides us with all the natural raw materials we use in our Jewellery designs. Our  Gold, Silver and gemstones carefully selected for their meaning have been formed over many thousands of years as part of the earth’s long life story. The heart of our design ethos lies in preserving their essence and natural beauty while infusing through design a symbolic meaning that celebrates our connection to the natural world while acknowledging and respecting the Earth as the source of the materials we use in our creations.     
Each Onesoul design starts with a simple pencil sketch and from there we turn our original concept into a beautiful piece of jewelry that will hold meaning and a personal connection for the person who wears it. Gold and Silver are the essence of our collection and each piece carries the highly esteemed Irish Hallmark which is the recognized assurance of quality and authenticity.
Onesoul jewelry is designed and crafted in Ireland and is created from nature’s precious materials - Sterling Silver 925 s, 9 karat, 14 karat and 18 karat solid Gold. 

 To help protect and renew nature’s precious materials we make a monthly contribution to Wolfgang Reforest to support reforestation In Ireland.